About Us

About KASlearning.org

Created by Mr.Lim Jet Wee

The KAS Social Enterprise is set up in 2018 to raise the sharing and learning of knowledge through social entrepreneurship. It hopes to reinforce the vibrant social enterprise sector in Singapore, Asia and the globe. It encourages and fosters the growth of aspiring social enterprises through individual sharing or social group participations through our membership body as a sustainable way to tackle and attend to social needs as knowledge un-fold in times to come.

Through learning and sharing, KAS will support a range of programmes and services to assist individual and social enterprises from Start to a more Calm/Steady stage; services such as business, training, education and other relevant resources. KAS encourages collaboration, networking and sharing of information between interested individuals, social enterprises and welfare organisations on voluntary basis. It also welcomes the active support of any entity; corporations and individuals who would like to contribute in terms of time, efforts or other means in order to play a key role in KAS social enterprise sector.

Our Vision

Sustainable social enterprises for a thoughtful Society

Our Mission

To create awareness and support on social entrepreneurship

Want to give back to society? Why not be a volunteer? Contact us kas@kaslearning.org

About KASlearning.org Virtual Campus

Our virtual campus is like a global education campus localized in Singapore where we take on a distributed, interactive and visual approach incorporated with collaboration in learning and group discussions to deliver a flexible educational method right to your desktops and mobile devices.

The virtual campus will include most of the properties of the education campus in a virtual sense, exploiting modern communication technologies to provide a virtual working environment creating links and access between students and the academic resources (tutors, web) that is unbounded by time, form and physical space.

Unlike traditional classrooms, our virtual campus concept allows students to pursue a course in the campus without being physically present in the campus. The student could be at home, office, or even in another country. Self-paced and self-access learning to the virtual campus is solely done via the Internet. The student will be less constrained by traditional classroom environment.

In a traditional classroom environment, the feeling is that the teacher’s time is shared among a group of student and each student only receives only a fraction of the teacher’s time (resource). With virtual campus, the feeling will resemble a one-to-one teaching. The hypermedia effect aims to generate a feeling of many-to-one teaching, that is, many teachers are simultaneously teaching one student. The student will participate in all virtual campus activities, participate in threaded discussions, and discuss matters over the threaded discussion so that everyone can benefit from the contribution as well as self-monitor its own learning schedule and be disciplined in work and assignment. The lecturers will provide feedback and guidance over threaded discussion groups, conduct on-site sessions, assess student’s progress via course assignments and tutorials as well as provide all materials for the student over the web-site.

Students in virtual campus environment can use the World Wide Web as an additional information resource to what is provided by the teachers. The attractive and user-friendly interface of the World Wide Web stimulates students’ interest to dig into its wealth of information.