Dear student,

Welcome to the KAS online English program. Our English program is designed primarily for students preparing for the IGCSE or GCE O level examination in English as a second language. It is an invaluable guide for students keen to improve their level of language proficiency and writing skills.

This course based on using the selected eBooks is suitable for students working alone. In order to benefit from the material included in the eBooks you should work through the units in order from the beginning. It is essential that you spend time working through the exercises methodically. The answers provided in the eBooks are only suggestions. Under no circumstances should you learn any of the suggested answers in order to reproduce them in an exam – this will be seen as cheating. Every answer must be original.

The course has to be used with the three eBooks and is divided in two parts:

The first part includes the IGCSE English as a second language with a focus on writing by Alison Digger (eBook enclosed) together with Directed Writing – no author stated (eBook enclosed).

All parts of the exam are covered, with strong emphasis on the written component, which is the area where students usually need most help. Detailed units, geared to exam techniques, cover each aspect of the written paper, including letter writing, formal writing, school magazine articles and summaries.

The skills needed for the written component are taught through the extensive use of examples in a step-by-step, hands-on guide, designed to boost students’ confidence in their ability to answer exam questions successfully. Equal attention is paid to the importance of style and content as well as accuracy, with reference to regular mistakes made by students in these areas. Many units include students’ answers to previous exam questions, annotated with teachers’ comments.

Much emphasis is placed on the different registers, and a unit in the reference section outlines many of the common register mistakes made by students and how to overcome them. Also included in the reference section is a selection of grammar points relevant to the requirement of the mentioned exams.

These exams are demanding requiring intimate knowledge of both language and culture. To bridge the gap of cultural difference, the final section of this book, Database of topic-related vocabulary and ideas, provides students with relevant cultural information and encourages both development of ideas and ways of expressing them.

Instruction : EngDiggersP1-11Ex

First assignment: Read and do the exercises in Alison Diggers’ IGCSE English as a second language eBook:

1. Improving your Informal writing: Pages 1 to 11.

· Different kinds of English

· Friendly register

· Friendly letters: the basics

Assessment Code : EngDiggersP1-11Ex

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Instruction : EngReynoldP1-9Ex

The 2nd part of the course is based on the IGCSE eBook by John Reynolds (3rd edition).

Chapter 1: aims to improve and develop your reading skills, to help you to work to your best abilities in the Reading passages in the exam papers

First assignment: Read and do the exercises in John Reynold’s IGCSE English as a first language eBook:

Chapter 1: Becoming a better reader – Pages 1 to 9

· Why do you read?

· Passive and active reading

· How do you develop the skill of active reading?

· Skimming and scanning – getting the gist

· Practice your active reading skills

Assessment Code : EngReynoldP1-9Ex

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