KAS Certified AR Developer

Mark Zuckerberg outlined a vision of the metaverse as the mobile Internet's replacement at Connect 2021. Work, leisure, and everything in between will someday be part of the metaverse.

The metaverse may be a long way off, but virtual and augmented reality are already here. VR and AR prospects are boosted by the promise of the metaverse. In order to establish a virtual presence in the metaverse, both of these technologies are necessary. Do not be left behind, join our workshops/courses now.

Learning a new skill is always challenging, especially when you're not sure how it works or what to do. Merge the physical and digital world into phygital environment. Our AR Course solves this problem by providing an affordable means for anyone to learn about augmented reality. Get started with our AR Course now and you will be exploring the world of augmented reality in no time!

Certification Intake: OPEN

Price: SGD 999 (Usual price at SGD 1200)

  • A duration 6 month; over Saturday (2 hour) and Sunday (2 hour)

  • Fully virtual-class with instructor led from beginners to 14 fully functional AR application

Examples of Augmented Reality application in our real world

  • Manufacturing: 3D Augmented Reality help reduce error; save time and money

  • Education: Interactivity and engaging for students

  • Healthcare: Organ modelling training helps save lives

  • Marketing: Augmented Reality makes Ads pop-ups

  • Fashion and beauty: Try before you buy

  • Travel: Take a 360-degree tour vacation right from your phone

  • Navigation: Smart Glass make driving to your destination a snap

  • Retail: Augmented Reality helps consumers imagine products right in their home

  • Food & Beverages: Diners can have nutritional info at thier fingertips

  • Enterprises: Business can connect with clients face-to-face

  • Training: AR step-by-step training

  • Logistic: Tap into warehouse information quickly

  • Assembly Line: Reduction of production error

  • Maintenance, Repairs & Customer Support: Access schematics and troubleshooting protocols when on site.

  • Design & Development: Extend your CAD system is trending

  • Automotive: Design prototype before the actual vehicle

  • Military: Military training with Combat helmet with AR

  • Gaming: Immersive experience of gamers

  • Real Estate: 3D rendering of yet-to-be-built development.

  • Chemical and Pharma Industry: Aid in training, assembly, maintenance and so much more.

14 Full AR Application Development

  1. AR Drawing Books

  2. AR Business Card

  3. AR Greeting Card

  4. AR Invitation Card

  5. AR 3D Object Tracking App

  6. AR Magazine App

  7. AR Solar System App

  8. AR Pepsi Can App

  9. AR Car in the Real-World App

  10. AR Butterfly in Mid-Air App

  11. AR Cloud Recognition App

  12. AR Cuboid Target App

  13. AR Toy House App

  14. AR Scalar App

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