KAS Certified Online Facilitator

Step 1. LEARN ~ Go thru all the materials for FREE

Learning Objectives

  • Structure an effective material for online environment.

  • Explore ideas for self-paced online learning

  • Delivering online content

  • Troubleshooting common technical problem

Course Duration: 20 hours

*Note: This certification is COMPULSORY for ALL KAS Facilitator.

GOOD NEWS to the following group of Facilitators, you are EXEMPTED from the Assessment:

  • Online Facilitators from University of Portmouth

  • Informatics Global Campus Facilitator

Email us now at kas@kaslearning.org for DIRECT CERTIFICATION!

Set the Learning Objectives of your class. The Learning Objectives must be:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Think of the appropriate assessment

Understand your learners. Are they

  • Young learners

  • Professionals & Managers

  • Technical Engineers

  • Aged learners

Design your materials based on the class audience.

Sample slide for young learners

Younger learners are attracted to pictures.

Try to use words suitable for their level.

Sample slide for Adult learners

Adults can handle text better than childrens.

Do not pack too much information into 1 slide.

Create diversity in the session. Use (where appropriate):

Encourage discussion.

Background for Online Class

Host need to be the one who schedule the Google Meet and send the link out.

Choosing a quite work space with a stable Internet connection.

Set class rules:

  1. Open camera

  2. Mute their mic, when you are teaching (unless there are questions to ask)

  3. Raise 'hand' when there is a question

  4. No shouting into the mic

  5. Open mic only when you ask them questions and they have any questions

  6. Present their screen when they stuck in task...

Change the Background to KAS logo or any suitable background picture.

Do not exchange or publish sensitive (example, race, religion etc.) or confidential personal information.

Keep your camera on. There maybe participants who may need to lip-read

Delivery tone need to match the audience of your class.

You may use any additional tools if it improves on your online delivery


Step 2 ~ Get Your Certificate of Completion

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Step 3 ~ Certificate of Competency (Payment & Assessment required)

* Check with us to see if you can be exempted from the assessment. kas@kaslearning.org

Sample Cert

This Certification is Valid for LIFE.

To get your Certificate of Competency you will need to:

  1. Payment for Assessment

  2. Develop material and present it online using Google Meet to our assessor.

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